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Why choose our road bike helmet #AU-Q9 ?

With a modern, popular style, the definition of quality


#AU-Q9 is equipped with the Patent adjustment, the contact points support this feature with a larger cradle surface area for painless wear.

  • The size adjuster system features a full 360 degrees retention ring which fits around the head.
  • Adjustable Fit system from bottom to top on the occipital(3 positions, which optimizes maintenance), which can fit 95% people, it can hold our head completely, very comfortable and stability.
  • Rear LED light with a steady and blinking mode to keep you safe and in view in darkness and low light.


  • Divider provides two levels of extra stability and security, with a built-in crimping bar on the divider that grips the helmet strap, preventing slippage.
  • A snap on the lip of the divider goes the extra mile in locking down the strap.
  • Yet another way defends your passion with safety and innovation.

newest horse riding helmet

Aurora Newest Horse Riding Helmet

#AU-H07 is Aurora’s newest equestrian helmet, according to our clients’ feedback that it is so adjustable and fit their head perfectly.

Many modern helmets look a bit too much like bicycle helmets, so it is time to try something new and elegant. Believe it or not, #AU-H07 looks perfect, and it is even specially made for Europeans heads!


#AU-H07 is quite plain, yet with so many gorgeous details! Everything from the seams to the silver details and cooling vents, it is not difficult to see that this helmet is high quality craftsmanship and excellent design. If you want bling, lacquer, logos or shield, you can literally design your own dream helmet, and everything is hand made.

One of the biggest advantage of this helmet is removable and washable inner lining, it is easy to check the helmet for any cracks and weak spots. If you feel the liner is old and want to change a new one, you can buy it in retailer store as it is available for separate selling.

Welcome to contact us if you are interested in it! 🙂

women horse helmet

Friendly Helmet Design For Women Hair

Do you want to have a better chance of looking fresh at the horse riding finish? Or, at least, slightly less frizzy? Our helmet can obviously provide a solution would of course meet your destination.

Aurora, as a professional leading helmet factory with over 24 years R&D experience, keep developing all kinds of different helmets to meet various people requirement. We attach much importance on user experience and now we develop a new helmet for elegant women. It with patent adjuster which can bring you much fresh experience:


  • No matter you are short, medium or long hair, it can ensure your braid, rope or bun hairdos look good after you take off the helmet.
  • The considerate rear spacekeep hair from slipping and getting in your face while you’re riding and allow your hairstyle fit snugly under helmet.
  • It still maintain your hairstyle and avoid looking sweaty post-ride, no matter your haircut.

If you have any questions or doubt about helmet, please feel free to contact us, we are committed to help you solve!

ultralight bicycle helmet

The ultralight bicycle helmet — B091

Owing to the nature of sports such as cycling, roller skating and skateboarding, many of the accidents involve collisions at speed and, therefore, participants in these activities are always advised to wear protective clothing and headgear to help prevent serious injuries, including helmet.


Today let’s discuss the requirements of helmets. Helmets should be of low weight, ventilated, easy to put on and take off, be usable with spectacles and not impair hearing.


So based on this requirement, we design a ultralight bicycle helmet— B091.

One of the most lightweight helmets on the market, as well as being one of the most well-ventilated and comfortable.


Thanks to high-end in-molding technology that gives helmets superior light weight and strength. The weight is only 190g, which has 12 vents. The exclusive manufacturing process enables the thermoformed polycarbonate shell to be adhered to the exclusive high-density EPS line.


It’s perfect for both high speed road cycling without the visor, and also for off-road rides with the visor.

Our Comfort fitting system holds the helmet steady, even when you’re on the move.


Patent UP-N-DOWN adjustment: we need the adjustment to lock our heads as our back heads have radian. So that head can be completely surrounded by the whole helmet. You can easily adjust it with one hand as you’re riding. Also, you can add your logo & reflect sticker on it.

With B091, make you live the adventure, love the nature, feel the protection of a superlight & safety helmet.

BMX bike helmet

New arrival chrome skateboard BMX bike helmet

Today, I would like to share with you, our new arrival chrome helmet, #AU-K003, it’s suitable in BMX, Scooter, bike, skateboard , etc.

We have four different color, (silver, gold, copper, bronze), We can do any color you need 🙂 Besides, we have 3 size, it’s suitable for kids & adult. When you try this model, you will feel very comfortable & cool. I do believe our sophisticated design, good fitting, well ventilated helmet definitely will help you occupy more market share in your area! Seeing is believing!


Structure:  ABS+ High density EPS foam; Injection technology

Well-ventilation system:

11 vents; hot air out & draws cold air in helping to reduce skateboard helmet temperature.


Inner padding:

Hot sealed lining, removable & washable & anti-allergic pads work to draw perspiration away from your head for a move comfortable experience.

Retention system :

Nylon chin strap & ITW buckle make your neck more suitable.


Patent adjustment:

1. The dial of adjustor can be replaced with LED light, when you ride at night time, then the LED light will serve as warning.
2. If the adjustor gets broken after using a long time, then the end-user can change a new adjustor by themselves, very use-friendly, this advantage would greatly help our brand/distributor customers to stabilize their customer base.

For more details, please contact Aurora team, we shall offer you the best service and best technical support 🙂

Welcome your inquiry!

turn signals helmet

Why you need a helmet that with turn signals?

Nowadays, more and more new smart helmets have been launched into the market. And many of them are with integrated turn signals as this is really a great selling point of the new products.


But why do cyclists need a smart helmet that with turn signals, just like the below one? What are the functions that worth us to pay for? Actually, the answers is quite simple-be seen and be safe.

Because there is no doubt that the warning turn signals can help cyclists stay safe and visible on the roads by warning the car and bus drivers of a cyclist’s presence.


For most of the smart helmets, turning signals have become part of the helmet and can be operated wirelessly via a remote attached to the handlebar. When a cyclist turns, he presses the left or right button on on the remote to turn on the appropriate signal.

Besides, the visibility is the most important thing to cyclist safety. So you must also make sure the led lights are bright enough.

elegant equestrian helmet

Boost Your Business With E06 Elegant Equestrian Helmet

Aurora Sports could be the best equestrian supplier for you! Cooperating with us, you are actually owning your 24-year helmet factory! Change the color, create your own design, provide technical support, everything has never been that easy!


Today, I would like to show your our innovative horse back riding helmet! A newly designed helmet featuring an innovative ventilation system to keep you cool on warmer days. The modern design brings style, fit and comfort whilst the 3 point strap adjustment system and size control knob ensure a perfect individual fit. Made from highly impact absorbing EPS materials, your riding has never been safer!

The helmet also has a soft, easily removable, moisture wicking mesh lining that can be washed.

The final helmet comes with a functional cloth bag for easy storage and transport.


If you like it, just write to us!

horseback riding helmet

Why wearing a helmet is safer in horseback riding?

As a general rule, almost any activity is going to be safer with a helmet. Even walking in the park. So a helmet is especially important when horseback riding because horses could be uncontrollable, unpredictable, and incredibly dangerous animals.

If you are enjoying your life, it makes no sense to ride without a horse riding helmet when riding. Besides, they are not that onerous to wear and can often prevent or attenuate head injuries in falls. Also, nowadays, the designs of the horse riding helmet is more and more fashion and can keep you both cool and safety.


In addition, a properly fitted helmet will always make you comfortable and will not obstruct your vision or mobility. No matter how unwieldy, uncomfortable, expensive or ugly the helmet is, nothing matters more than being alive after falling off a horse.

Further more, when the rider is riding a horse, his/her head can be as much as 13 feet above the ground and this will obviously cause potential risk. But if the riders are wearing the helmets, it can avoided a lot of concussions and even save their lives.


What’s more, knowing how to wear a horse riding helmet is also very important. The helmet needs to fit properly, and tossed out and replaced after being worn in a fall and the straps need to hold it snugly in place.


Protect your skull

Aurora safety Helmet

Safety helmet – s­ome call them hard hats – have been around for almost 100 years. Today’s helmets will protect your head much better than the leather or steamed canvas hats of the early 1900’s. The latest helmets on the market are lightweight, durable and comfortable. Early versions were very much not those things.

Safety equipment that is comfortable to wear is really important. If workers feel the things they’re required to wear are uncomfortable, they could decide to wear them incorrectly or might not even wear them at all.

If you’re in the tower climbing industry, you can use traditional construction hard hats, but they’re not ideal. They can be heavy, bulky, and restrictive. They also don’t usually have a chin strap. You don’t want to be at height and have your helmet slip off your head (and neither do the people on the ground)!

Generally, helmets protect you from impact by using a suspension system which separates your skull from the helmet. That way, the shell can dent and absorb the blow. Another style uses a foam liner similar to a bike helmet. If the helmet gets hit, the foam liner deforms to absorb the impact. A deformed helmet can be replaced, a deformed head on the other hand… not so much.

There are a couple basic kinds of safety helmets. ANSI Type I helmets protect against blows to the top of the head, and ANSI Type II helmets protect both the top and sides of the head. There should be a label on the shell of the helmet which shows which you have. You might also find something called a bump cap. These are not ANSI compliant, but they are great if you need to protect against scrapes and bumps.

Traditionally hard hats come in a few standard colors: white, red, yellow, maybe orange. You can also get them in blue, green, black, and even pink.

A few specific helmets for tower climbing that we recommend are the Petzl Vertex Vent, AURORA safety helmet AU-M02, Be sure to watch our helmet comparison video to learn about all their great features. AUROR SPORTS is here to help you find a lightweight, comfortable helmet so you can Climb Higher!